Cloud 9

Having already identified the truck we wanted, in 2012 we went to Germany to source a Mercedes 1017A Army truck . 

This actually proved to be quite a difficult task, but with the help of some great german friends " Perry and Ellen" we eventually found one that suited our needs . It was in a very basic condition but appeared to be in reasonable condition for its age , 1988 .

The truck was then delived to a company called Ormocar who, over the next few months, built subframe and cabin  on the rear. In March 2013 we bought the truck back to the UK .

We spent the next 2 years fitting it out . Pat designed the interior and I completed its construction.

We decided to call it "Cloud 9 "

Why "Cloud 9" . We often  get asked this and usually spin some yarn about it being the ninth level of enlightenment in Budhism.  The reality is much simpler. The 1987 album by George Harrison is one of my favourites.

Projects like this are never finished but within a couple of years the truck was very useable and we began to test it out on various European tours.

If you would like to see a complete history and specifications  of the truck being built then please have a look at our other blog " Cloud 9 is born "  

Here are some pictures of how she looks now