Immigration into Honduras went well but getting the Temporary Import Permits for the vehicles, ground to a halt quickly. The very nice lady behind the screen was obviously struggling. After about an hour, with help from everyone in the office, she looked up and said "I'm sorry but Great Britain isn't in our system, I cannot check you in". If she had declared this an hour ago I could have told her that in Latin America The United Kingdom is known as Reino Unido. 

With this problem solved we then waited another hour to discover that the computer said no because the system had entered an extra digit in Pat's Passport number. Basically, it took three and a half hours to complete about 15 minutes of work. She was very pleasant about though.
At several stages, during this process, you are handed forms and told to go to the shop over the road to get copies. You even have to pay the entrance fee in the shop with a big slice of commission added on top. 

Whilst all this was going on Pat was entertaining bored kids 

The Main Road from the border delivered us to another great Archeological Site in the town of Copan Ruins. This was again another great example of the power of the Mayan Empire.  Although a huge amount of restoration had already taken place, this site wasn't as advanced as the previous one in Tikal. Nevertheless, It was a really interesting place. Its Big attraction is its collection of very well preserved Mayan Carvings.

Set in woodland, the trees were filled with noisy Macaws reminding you that this was their city.

We visited a Macaw rescue centre nearby

Honduran Coffee and Craft beer were very pleasant at the D&D Brewery in Los Naranjos

Lake Yojoa is the biggest lake in Honduras, being 285 square Km in area.  All along the shoreline roads are dozens of small stall selling fish ( Tilapia I believe )that they are drying in the sun like decorative mobiles. I would imagine that the road dirt and diesel fumes in the air must be used to enhance their flavour. 

Comayagua wasn't the prettiest town we have visited but the town square and church were very nice.

Ricardo's Restaurant, adjacent to the church, was a quirky place for lunch. I would more accurately describe it as a museum, which happened to have a restaurant in it.

Unfortunately, whilst in this town, our cab Air Conditioning failed and we had to spend a day getting a new Compressor fitted. As I am writing this blog the problem isn't completely resolved.

Whilst trying to fix it I had to visit several truck breakers yards to try and locate a hose fitting. 
Their parts filing systems are bit poor 

"Do you have any Hoses?"....... "Yes just a few"

Or Maybe in there 

Long Hot Day
Whilst all these repairs were happening we were  camped crammed into the corner of a Hotel Car park. Next to the hotel was a Gymnasium that played extremely loud pumping music starting at 6am and finishing at 10pm. 

Overlanding isn't always Big Lakes, Oceans and Mountains 

Guatemala and Honduras were really great places to visit and I'm sure we may well spend some more time in them on our return Journey. 

We are now In Nicaragua, and our first Impressions are that we love it. 

Hasta Luego