Saturday 25 November 2017


Colonia is a  very picturesque walled city on the north shore of the river Plate as it starts to narrow towards Buenos Aries. 

It is very much on the tourist trail. Its history stems from it being a Portuguese Smugglers trading post
but is now a favourite place for lots of young people to hang around watching the sun go down over Buenos Aries.

Its about 1 hour on the large propane powered Catamaran to Buenos Aries and about the same to Montevideo in the east.

We managed to park on a very pretty piece of waste ground just outside the city gates on the bank of the river. Our previously mentioned French friends joined us.

The town is full of delightful restaurants and cafes that command the full tourist prices but looked superb.

The wildlife in Uruguay is very different. I am not sure what species this is but we cought it hanging artound our door. I think it was looking for food. It looks like it could do with a plate of chips. Pat said ignore it and it will go away. I was throwing scraps at it when Pat wasn't looking. 

Seriously though. We know our truck is unusual and we often see folks taking pictures of it and even standing infront of it for the shot. Some are subtle and some aren't . This is the best yet.

This was a very relaxing stop for a couple of nights