Monday 29 January 2018

There is something about Chile. It makes you slow down

We set off from Montevideo in the later half November with a romantic notion of spending Christmas in Ushuaia. 

Although Christmas was great we realised that the journey down had at times been a bit of slog against constant headwinds and time.

The decision was made that the brakes were going on and that the journey north would be at a slower more manageable pace. .

After our time in Tierra del Fuego we headed back onto the main continent towards Punta Arenas, which is Chile's large city in the south. After a day in town we set of south towards the bottom of Ruta 9. 
Some ( mainly Chileans ) would argue that the bottom of Ruta 9 is the real end to the Pan American Highway as it on the mainland. Others ( Always Argentinians ) would suggest that it ends in Ushuaia , even though Tierra del Fuego is actually an Island . Who cares, we went to both places.

We settled about 50km south of Punta Arenas for a night on a river bank. By this time we had really embraced the go slow mode so 1 night quietly slipped into 5 nights . I think we needed it .

We visited a large cemetery in the town. This isn't our usual  thing but it had been recommended so we went.
It was actually really quite interesting ( yes it was ). I don't know much about South American History but it was very clear that about 130 years ago huge quantities of Europeans , especially Brits settled in the region and that their families still  reside locally.

One place we had on our Bucket list was the Torres del Paine National Park. 

We had heard of its dramatic beauty and unbelievable panoramic views. Well when we arrived it was pissing down and you could see a mountain anywhere.
But in true Patagonian style the weather changed and we were blown away literally. ( Its always windy here )
You pay to enter the park and can only camp in designated spots but the it was fantastic. We did several great walks but the highlight was taking the boat up Lago Grey to the Glacier at the other end. 

They even gave us a local drink called Pisco Sour with a chunk of glacier ice in it.

My writing skills could not do this park justice so I am simply going to bombard you with the photos and a video. 

Told you it would be an overload.... Guess what, I just found some more 

Just when you thought is was over 

Somebody stop me 

That's it...... Oh except the video 

Hasta Luego